Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tamiya DF-03 Ra Castrol Celica (92200)


This kit was bought a long time ago at Ultimate Hobbies, apparently the less pictures are on the box the more special it is.. or at least so I’m told. So when I saw it on the shelf I wanted one.


For this car I did the lexan body paint and stickering first. And I was rusty, tired or just stupid as I made my first cut.. If you notice the side skirt along the door I managed to cut the left side shorter than the right (FAIL!). For the paint I decided to stick with the original scheme and the stickering took a very long time. Message to Tamiya, please make more pre-cut sticker sheets!



The build itself was very straight forward and I already have a DF-03 MS so I was pretty familiar with it. I decided to try out a Futaba S3050 servo for some higher torque and a Spektrum SR300. The ESC and motor is stock. I think I have learned my lesson about not adding too much power too early. Learn to drive it well as stock first! (I’m still a novice driver).


A very nice feature of this kit are the painted drivers that you can put inside. It makes it look really cool, I don’t know how well it will last when driving. It’s just Velcro tape holding it on there.



And finally some comparison shots between the Ra and MS.



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