Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New ESC and motor for my 49400

The 49400 is handling just fine, but I felt it lacked a little bit in the power department. Not a lot, but a little.

So when I found a Tekin RS Redline 13.5 in a drawer in my garage I decided to swap out the powertrain. Let’s see if this is too much power for me… I’ve made that mistake before!

IMG_3958 IMG_3959

IMG_3960 IMG_3961

After a bit of soldering and almost screwing up the order of the A,B,C wires I took it up and down the street and it is really fast now. The throttle response is what I’m most interested in and not so much top end speed. I’ll try to take another video next time for comparison :)

I also found the hotwire PC interface in the drawer. It worked just fine on my Windows 7 laptop. I didn’t use the CD that came with it, instead I got it from the Tekin website and that triggered an ESC flash right away. That took about a minute and all I had to do was recalibrate the ESC to my transmitter again. It’s a very easy setup ESC. I’ll have to bring my laptop the next time I’m at the track so I can play with the settings. One comment about the Hotwire is that they are trying to be cool in their GUI which makes it a worse program. Just look at that red and black mess below. Just because you can make a transparent window doesn’t mean you should!

IMG_3962 dashboard

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