Sunday, June 7, 2009

DF-03 MS


Finally a REAL dirt car for me to drive. This thing is so much fun to drive. I bought it down at ultimate and decided it was better to spend the extra money for the MS edition instead of hunting down tons of hop-ups later. I decided not to follow the paint scheme or sticker job from Tamiyal. Not a big fan on pink on blue flame job really. I tried some iridescent paint, but on a see through lexan, that doesn’t end well. So I back coated it with white. So I guess my paint scheme is “iridescent white”, it’s subtle which I like.

A big surprise with this kit was that it didn’t come with any tires. A first for me, pretty weak. So I had to go back to ultimate and ask for a recommendation. I ended up with LOSI IFMAR Silvers (LOSA7283S Front, LOSA7367S Rear). 

I picked up another Spektrum 3000 reciever, moved over the Futaba MC401CR speed controller over from my mini cooper and got a Checkpoint 13x2 competition off-road motor. Battery is a Intellect 7.4v 4000mah 25C Hard Case Stick Pack Lipo they’re about $45 from rc-union on ebay. This thing hauls, so much fun to drive!


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