Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA (M04-M)


Tamiya Item #58307 I bought already built on Ebay, the first thing I did was download the exploded view pdf from Tamiya and rebuild it. This thing had been sitting on someones shelf for a loooong time. The tires where getting cracked and this thing was clearly never driven as the body mounting posts had been cut off too low. It also didn’t come with the polyurethane bumper, so I got that from ebay as well. The bumper fits very snugly under the front bodywork, not sure if I’m supposed to trim it back or not (I haven’t yet).

The M04 is (at least to me) HARD to drive, it wants to swap ends all the time. I added some 3Racing adjustable dampers to it, which kept it from flipping over all the time when changing direction (the stock setup was very soft).

The car didn’t come with any electronics so I used a standard S3004 Futaba servo, the Spektrum SR3000 reciever, LRP AI+Reverse Speed controller (this ESC has no on/off button, very annoying!) and I chose the Peak Racing RS24 Hellfire Stock motor.

IMG_6083  IMG_6085

As you can see in the pictures above, I lost both side mirrors real quick!


IMG_6080 IMG_6081


I like the sound of the peak hellfire rs24 stock motor, compared to my reedy 27t stockstar it’s very quiet. The guy at ultimate that recommended me told me to oil it frequently, so we’ll see how reliability is.


  1. Hi!
    Very nice report...
    I have the same problem with the flipping out of stock.
    I should try your idea with new dampers...