Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My M03 Chase car

I was in a Costco store a while back and saw a stack of epicstealthcam’s and instantly loved the small size of it. “I need to put that on one of my RC cars”, classic impulse buy!

First I mounted it on my F201.

Then I mounted it in the bumper of my Lunch Box.

Then I built a M03L chase car with a combination of parts from my M03 and M03R kits.

IMG_6886 IMG_6890


The biggest problem with the epicstealthcam is that it can’t take any impact worth of damn, the battery will lose contact or something and you end up with a video file that’s 0 bytes. The quality is also pretty poor. I love the idea of getting RC POV however, so after some research I bought the GoPro Motorsports HERO wide, it comes in a SOLID case and has MUCH better picture quality.

The GoPro wide on my F201, M03R, TT-01D and DF-03MS.

What I might end up doing is mount the epicstealth rear-facing and put the gopro forward facing.

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