Sunday, August 9, 2009

M05 pro first impressions

So far the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that it has a much better center of gravity than the M03R. Yesterday I was at the Tamiya Track in Aliso Viejo, CA to compare the two. Using the Type-A 60D slicks with hard inserts my M03R with a LIPO would flip around “SUV style” when cornering hard. I then switched the tires over to my M05 with a 5000mAh NiMh battery in it and it didn’t flip at all. I then switched the type-a’s back on the M03R and also put the same battery in it. It was a little better, but would still flip over.

My M03R has the M-chassis Dampers and stabilizers, the M05 Pro is unmodified. M03R has Futaba S9405 servo, M05 had standard S3004.

So, so far the M05 Pro drives easier with less setup tweaking (which I’m still not an expert on by a longshot ;P)

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  1. nice blog. i also recently bought and tested the m05 last weekend. seems cornering and balance is better. hope you keep up the good work and keep posting on your blog.