Sunday, March 30, 2014

My first ever TCS race


Today I competed in the Tamiya Championship Series for the first time, in mini class (M05) and in GT3 (TA06). For the longest time I have been apprehensive about participating but a co-worker really wanted to do it but not alone so we basically made each other go. And I’m very happy we did, there is so much knowledge gained and shared I should have brought a notepad to write it all down. I got lots and lots of help with my setup. My mini gained 3 seconds a lap after “the mini car whisperer” looked at it a couple of weekends ago. My TA06 (and radio) was tuned by another local car whisperer. I was at first going to only run mini, but while on the registration page I figured, it’s free to race, no harm in entering two and withdrawing from one. I am glad I did. I made it to the GT3 A-Main and placed 8th, which was quite unexpected. In the Mini class I qualified in the C-Main (those A-B main mini guys are QUICK with their new brushless power) and I managed to get from middle of the C to 1st but walled it all by myself… should have just gone a little wider.

Thank you to Tamiya for putting on such an amazing (and free) event. Thank you to all the guys at the track (you know who you are!!). I will definitely do this again.

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