Monday, January 20, 2014

New short shocks for TA06 (maybe others)


Just finished building the new TRF Short Damper #42273. From Tamiya: “These TRF Short Dampers are fitted as standard equipment in Item 84339 TB-04 PRO Chassis Kit. They are now available as a separate Hop-Up-Option for any Tamiya touring or M-chassis car. Users will find them particularly beneficial on high-grip, twisty circuits, as they give exceptionally fast response when cornering.”


Above on left #42102 (TRF Works Damper), middle #42273 (TRF short) and right #54000 (M Chassis Alum Damper). The spring on the right is overly compressed from me trying to get more ride height on my m-four before switching to (full length) TRF works (I should have returned the collar to top before taking the picture). I’ll have to take #84318 (TRF Works M-Chassis) off one of these days and compare all four.


From the back of the box it shows that these shocks are 4mm shorter than the regular works edition. Car has not been on track yet so I can’t yet say how it changes the car for me.


  1. Can you measure the overall lenght of all 3 shocks?
    Meaning the maximum lenght.

    1. 61mm #42102 (TRF Works Damper)
      57mm #42273 (TRF short)
      55mm #54000 (M Chassis Alum Damper)

  2. Do your M chassis shocks have spacers inside?

  3. Do your M chassis shocks have spacers inside?

  4. I usually build them according to the manual and the 54000 set calls for one O-ring. I have an old post here where I got totally confused by how different all the manuals were showing how to build the dampers :)

  5. do all of the dampers have one o-ring on the shaft?

    i want to be sure before i purchase the set.

    if they all don't, the i can approximate the same length with one o-ring. i never build my dampers with a ring on the inside, so that i can get the full amount of travel. i rally the chassis on and off road, so the most travel is the most important.

    thanks for the excellent pics!