Monday, December 31, 2012

M06 Pro


I recently finished my M06 Pro, which I was somewhat apprehensive about getting since my M04 was my least favorite car to drive so far. Word around the Tamiya track was not to worry, this one is much better. It’s a proper M-Car. And after taking it for a drive I can for sure say that it is. The pro kit is now discontinued and the new M06R is a better choice. I’m not sure how I feel about red alum color, not that there’s a problem with red in itself, it’s just the look of it when you start mixing in blue parts from other chassis it will look a little hodge-podge. Other than color the biggest difference is the Clamp-Type Upright Weights the R kit has.

As I have been doing recently, I ordered some must-have hop-ups before doing the build. I know I am going to use them, so better to put them on during the initial build instead of tearing much of the car apart to replace later. Below is a list of the hop ups I got:

And for dampers I used the TRF Mini Dampers from my M-Four on the front and TRF Special Dampers for the rear. Similar trick that worked well on the M-Four. Well… that and I had two short and two long dampers left over Smile


For electronics I used Futaba S9551 Servo, Spektrum Receiver and tried out the very cheap ($80) Keda Saker Brushless ESC/Motor Combo (17.5). Which on my first run was about on par with a Tamiya Silver Can.


The sensor wire barely reached on this Medium Wheelbase build, had I done it long it probably would not have reached. And due to the rear stabilizer location the motor tabs had to face all the way to the back (and to get the sensor wire mounted). Motor ran very cool and the ESC comes with a great programming box (better than the gawd awful LED color and blink decodes as on the Novak!).


The “pro tip” from Tamiya track was used for tire setup again. Sweep SWP-MN40 in the front and SWP-MN25 in the rear. This worked good even on the cool surface inside West Coast RC Raceway in La Mirada, CA. As with all RWD cars, care must be taken not to get on the throttle too early. But This car was easy to drive and handled really well. I was actually quite surprised and my friend who bought my old M03R with NIMH and silvercan were even on speed and had a great battle. Such a great battle that I had to shoegoo my body back quite heavily. I used the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint body shell. It looks so cool, I have to get a new one one of these days.



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  2. Hi can you tell me what is the gear ratio that you used with your 17.5t .thanks

    1. used same gearing as in manual, 20T pinion. This particular 17.5 motor was not very fast.