Friday, April 13, 2012



Just finished this body. I want to try it on my M05-Pro-R :) which I started out with as a short wheelbase with the Mini Cooper body. Then tried the long wheelbase Mito body. The “car whisperer” at the Tamiya track said that the aero on the Mito was not so good and I’ve been enjoying painting bodies lately, so when I spotted a Mini JCW Coupe I just had to have it.

Before painting a body lately I’ve been scanning in the decals and the masks in case I want to get the much cheaper 7 digit code body without masks and decals in the future. But in doing so I didn’t really pay close attention to the body instructions. Some kits come with a headlight/taillight mask AND a sticker for them if you’re not running LEDs. This does not. So don’t forget to leave those masked out!! I did, I used liquid mask for this car and could have so easily left them on. Oh well, this thing is going to get banged up good at the track anyway so those taped on inside pieces I probably would have lost anyway? Or maybe some shoe goo would have kept them on, I see an experiment in my future :)

When I saw the gorgeous VW Type 2 Wheelie over on tamiya blog I wanted the same color on some of my cars. Dunebuggy told me that it was Faspearl Orange #40302. I also got some Faspearl white #40051 and used some Tamiya PS-5 black. I should have continued my paint scheme black along the bottom of the doors… next one. The white and orange is in honor of my first mini :)

Finally painting these Faspearl colors with a paintbrush is a joy. It doesn’t stink like a chemical plant and it’s not “paint by shotgun” like the spray cans are. I’ll have to use more of these colors in the future.


IMG_8682 IMG_8683

IMG_8675 IMG_8689

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  1. Who will say no this electric rc car? You made it perfect. The looks seem so good and gorgeous, yet ready to go fast. For sure anyone will admire this toy car.