Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mito body for my m05 pro-R

First try at some racing stripes. Used PS-17 metallic green and PS-41 bright silver.


  1. Hi

    I have never used PS metallics before. How would you go about spraying a body, with a black bonnet? Id like to know the process. Also do you need to seal the colour with a black or white backing colour to achieve this look?



  2. I've watched many youtube videos for different tips. *My* process is: Cut the lexan body with Curved scissors (Tamiya makes some good ones). Some people score the bodies with an xacto knife, but I have had a few "oops" moments that way. I only use them on intricate parts like F104 body or rear wings. Then I wash the Lexan with dish soap and a sponge. I dry it really well with some paper towels and finally give it a quick go around with a hair dryer to blow off any dust/particulates. Then I apply masks with clean hands (I've seen some people wash the body after masking, but have never tried it myself). Using the metallics are not that different from regular PS paint really. You just have to be even more patient, so instead of 2-3 coats of paint, you may need to go 4-5. Remember to always plan out your paint order from dark to light and be patient. On metallic paint, silver is actually a good backing choice. On darker colors I would back with black on lighter colors back with white. Some do not require any backing at all. If you're happy with how it looks without, don't add it. I have learned this the hard way when I did an F104 for a friend. I backed bright mica red with black, didn't have enough coverage on the rear spine and black was showing through pretty bad. Finally, wear a mask! You do not want to inhale paint particles! I paid for a commercial grade mask from a hardware store and it filters the nasty fumes as well. Tamiya paint is very *stinky* :) Good luck, watch some youtube videos and have fun.