Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Honda S2000 Conversion

I bought an Alfa Romeo a while back, but I really don't like driving it. A couple of guys at my work have S2000’s so I wanted to show them how good the Tamiya kits are. (and if I got someone else bitten by the RC bug, that would be an added bonus).

The Alfa uses the 60D wheels, but the S2000 uses GT sized wheels, I found someone in the UK that had the S2000 wheels (but realized later that Tamiya has them #0445588 doh!)... I had some spare Racing Semi-Slicks (50810) so I put those on.

The Alfa is M04M and the S2000 is M04L, so I needed the little piece that goes between the gearbox and the main body, this comes with the M04 F Parts (50851).

IMG_8490 IMG_8586

IMG_8592 IMG_8587

So, do I like driving the M04L in S2000 form better than the Alfa? No, not really, I think I need to spend some time on the setup, it still wants to swap ends all the time…


  1. I love the rwd m-chassis. keep at it, you'll find a way to remove the oversteer. Usually a sticky rear tire (type A) with traction compound in rear and 2 deg toe in rear hubs will do the trick. nice paint job.

  2. My M04 runs very well, my current setup is:

    -tamiya soft oil in the dampers
    -red spirings on the back, black in front
    -3R carbon damper stay at least in front to lower the chassis, I try to keep more or less 4mm ground clearance no more
    2° or 3° toe in in rear, 2° in front
    S grip or type A in rear, M grip or slick in front.
    I also foind than the yeah racing 26 shore foam tires are great on the rear.
    - I use an old HPI cup motor ( green can ) it is a 25 turns I think, it is faster on a 19t pinion than a M05 with the tamiya 18,5 brushless and 20t pinion...

    I love the honda body !

  3. Don't know if you have seen yet, but look it up... A RWD M06 is comin soon!!! The motor now sits behind the rear axle, and the battery is inline. I think it will be a HOT setup. Love the S2000 by the way, one of my three favorite bodies for the RWD M cars. I like the Fiat Abart (old) and the Mercedes SLK as well..