Tuesday, October 30, 2012

#84273 Tiger I Early Production - Full Option Kit w/Detail Upgrades


I had a moment of temporary insanity a few moments back and bought a tank! I had been playing a lot of World Of Tanks recently and like most always wanted an RC tank when I was younger. I did not take too many pictures during the build of this. But I did look at a couple of other web sites and forums before I started the build. Mostly related to what radio to use for it. At the hobby store they said a Spektrum DX6i would not work, the Tamiya site for it even says it does not. But several tank forums said it did work. And it does. The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to get my machine gun and main gun to fire on different switches. I have to re-program my mixes in order for it to work. I really wanted a DX6i because all my other receivers and radios are now spektrum and I want to use PCtx for future hobby projects (control RC cars etc from PC like the crazy danes).

IMG_9940 IMG_9943


And finally a video:

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