Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tamiya Formula Tuned Motor

Formula Tuned Motor

When I first got my F014 I used the silver can motor with a gear ratio of 4.16:1 and it felt pretty good to me. But when Tamiya announced their Formula Tuned motor I had to try it out. At the time the only place I could get it from RCMart and on their product details section it said that the recommended gear ratio for this motor is 3.7-3.75. I’ve only used this at the Tamiya track in Aliso Viejo, CA with a gear ratio of 3.72:1 a couple of times and it made for a lot of torque that didn’t fit my driving style (I’m still a Novice don’t forget :)). Had to be super careful on the throttle coming off the corners or I would spin.

The last time I went, my car suddenly stopped. I thought it was a receiver or battery problem at first, but when I popped the body off I found that the end bell had popped off and that one of the brushes had broke! So now I’ll have to find a different motor to use in my F104. Any recommendations?

Formula Tuned Motor Endcap popped offFormula Tuned Motor broken brush

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  1. hi

    i have a tamiya hummer.
    i want to change the stock motor 540 intro brushless. What brushless motor has the same size with 540 so that its plug and play...