Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lunch box upgrade

As I’ve mentioned earlier the Lunch Box comes with friction dampers, which means not really dampened at all. Despite it being quite fun to drive I decided to upgrade to the C.V.A. Short Shock Unit Set II.


Each pack (#50520) contains 2 shocks, some non-descript oil that’s pretty thin (certainly has less weight than the medium oils I have) and a choice of stiff or soft springs.


Here’s a shot of how the old friction dampers just push the rod up through the chassis. The Lunch Box comes with metal mounts for the short shock kit.


Since I got the pimpin’ Gold Edition my old shock housings were chrome, the new ones aren’t. But I can live with that :)



New dampers and springs installed.. Now when I do the “drop test” it “sticks” instead of bouncing back up at me. I’m taking it for a spin today so we’ll see how it handles.


  1. How do you find these work? Any tips on the install? I have a midnight pumpkin that i just ordered some of these cva shocks for. I am upgrading to a sport tuned motor and thought i might need some better shocks.

  2. they work good, takes a lot of the bounce out of it. Make sure that the screws that hold the top part the shocks are nice and tight. one of mine popped off while driving...

  3. steven again, signing on as anonymous, i have these now but don't see how to attach them to the chassis. I just have the plastic joint but can't see how to attach with a screw. I guess i'm referring to what popped off. the pumpkin might not have the metal mounts!

  4. i think I figured it out, i've got some shock metal brackets. now i jsut need the bolts and screws! to ebay!

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    page 17 has how to (for lunchbox)

  7. Thank you ever so much Torg, been looking for that information all over the place. Now I can finally upgrade my 20+ year old truck with oil dampened springs! And I will!